Ultrasound Clinical Observership

The Center for Ultrasound Research & Translation (CURT) is part of the MGH Department of Radiology’s International and National Observer Fellowships providing comprehensive, individualized exposure to state-of-the-art imaging and intervention in an academic setting. Click here to see the details of the Department’s program.

CURT can accommodate two clinical observers at any point in the year, other than in the months of July and August, when the Department of Radiology is unable to accommodate clinical observers. Clinical observerships are up to 3 months in length, and monthly tuition is payable to the Radiology Department. 

The primary goals of our clinical observership include (i) exposure to the diverse range of pathology and clinical examinations performed at MGH Radiology, (ii) exposure to the mechanisms by which off-site no-Radiologist-present ultrasound can be accomplished while maintaining service quality, and (iii) experience within a large and diverse academic medical center.

Each clinical observer is expected to produce two teaching presentations. These usually comprise one-hour educational presentations in PowerPoint format and can cover topics of interest to the observer. The observer will usually have an opportunity to present their work to the larger laboratory or to the clinical service, subject to scheduled availability.

Application process:

  • Applications must be made both to CURT and to the MGH Department of Radiology.
  • The CURT application form is here
  • The Department of Radiology observer website and contact mechanism are here.

CURT is not currently offering the clinical observership for 2020. Inquiries about the available schedule for 2021 may be sent to CURT@mgh.harvard.edu with the subject line CURT Clinical Observership.