Our research is multidisciplinary, translational, and focused on key problems in medicine. We have expertise and well-established collaborations in medical device design and development, clinical trial design and execution, and data analysis. Much of our work occurs at the intersection between clinical medicine, engineering, and computational science. The thematic goal of our research is to have a positive impact on the quality of human health by creating and validating medical ultrasound technologies to accomplish better diagnosis at lower cost and with improved availability. We collaborate closely with industry to achieve these goals.

Areas of expertise at CURT include quantitative imaging biomarker development and validation, clinical trials, and data analytics. We have a wealth of clinical modality experience in ultrasound imaging, particularly in shear wave elastography, contrast enhanced ultrasound, and volumetric ultrasound. We have expertise in diseases of the liver, thyroid, and breast, via our collaboration with MGH Breast Imaging.

MGH/MIT Cooperation

The CURT research environment is hard-working and collegial. We have routine laboratory meetings, including meetings with MIT colleagues.


Liver study

We collaborate with many investigators, and have performed innovative collaborative work in the field of organ perfusion with investigators from the MHG Center for Engineering in Medicine.


liver fat

Research experiment with ex-vivo mice liver. In this project we have developed and tested  ultrsound algorithms for assessing various patho-physiological processes of liver parenchyma.


probe development

As a MGH-MIT collaboration we work together on developing novel technologies that includes highly instrumented ultrasonic transducer assemblies. In this image you see a fabricated clamshell sensor assembly integrated with a conventional transducer that includes a camera and force-sensing device.