Research Collaborators

                  Bioengineering Systems and Technology Group

                  Visiting Scientist at MGH

                   Active Optical Systems Group

                   Chemical, Microsystem , Nanoscale Technologies Group

                   Vladimir Liberman's professional page

                   Bioengineering Systems and Technology Group

                   Chemical, Microsystem , Nanoscale Technologies Group

                   Charles Wynn's professional page

                              Lincoln Laboratory

                              Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lexington, MA

                              Lincoln Laboratory's official page 


                    Paul Carson's professional page

                             University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

                             University of Michigan's official page


                       CDRH, US Food & Drug Administration


                        Department of Veteran Affairs,Silver Springs, Maryland


                        Medical Imaging Ministries of America, Removing Barriers to Medical Imaging 

                        10810 Lake Minneola Shores Clermont, Florida


                        Tim Hall's professional page

                               University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

                               University of Wisconsin's official page


                        Kathryn Nightingale's professional page

                        Mark Palmeri's professional page

                                Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

                                Duke University's official page


                                 Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

                                 Boston University's official page

                                 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

                                 Brian Anthony's professional page